Pir8 Eye

Web Solutions for the 21st Century

We specialize in bringing Businesses to Cyberspace. 

Pir8eye is your web solution for Brand Creation & Development, Website Creation & Development, Cryptocurrency Investment, Creation, and Testing. Our consultants employ well-proven techniques to create your web presence, to expand your empire with strategic advertisements, and to develop sites that meet your government compliance needs. Technology changes at lightning speed, we alpha and beta test new programs to keep our clients and their interests at the cutting edge. 

We create memorable brands.

Whether you need logo creation, business materials formation, or web & social media brand synchronization, Pir8eye can help your business start up. For already established businesses seeking advertising materials or brand redesigns, Pir8eye designers have 10+ years experience building brands and creating web-vertisements. Our consultants cover a variety of topics, including: online layouts, website & landing page creation, social media presence, publishing (print & online), as well as advertising best practices (SEO, page rankings, etc).

You only get one first impression.

We build websites from the foundation up. 

We're well-equipped to carve out your niche and assist you to stake your cyberspace claim. Pir8eye developers have 25+ years experience building websites. Our full stack developers create the infrastructure to bring your website from imagination to implementation. Meanwhile, Pir8eye system & network administrators design hybrid cloud solutions that work for you. Pir8eye user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) experts work with you to create intuitive systems for your clients. Once the infrastructure is built, Pir8eye designers and coders can help expand your site with social media, advertising, & email campaigns. We also rock the e-shop creation.  

Build it. Link it. Share it.

We make blockchain second nature.

In 2009, the world was introduced to Bitcoin which became a game changer in public ledger technology. Since then, thousands of cryptocurrencies (altcoins) have come and gone. By 2017, altcoin investors were scammed out of billions by fraudulent ICOs and Bitcoin reached an all time high of $20,000. In November 2021, we saw record growth with the cryptocurrency total market capitalization reaching $2.9 trillion.  With so much money at stake, Pir8 Eye researchers alpha and beta test cryptocurrencies, wallets, games, dApps, and other programs. We're available for consultations on private/public altcoin creation, crypto mining, faucets, ICO and airdrops, advertising, and trading. 

Let's ride this crypto wave to the moon! Hodler on!